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Poster: Mike2 Date: Aug 29, 2004 4:57pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Movie

I have only started looking at this site

I am interested to know the best resolution full screen download option for image content etc?

I am a not sure judging by the movie file sizes.

I would assume MPEG4 being the latest option would be the best, but the file size is smaller than MPEG2. If MPEG4 is more compressed, is it still better than MPEG2 and if so, why is the MPEG2 option available, if it is a larger file size, yet not as good?

If I was to use the movie file to edit with, is the best resolution option the editable one – is this option used to save time because it is compatible and easily to import in to Final Cut Pro or Imovie?

I would like to edit on Mac with the best resolution full screen option. Is my best choice therefore MPEG4 editable?

Does the MPEG4 version view the best as a full screen image.

Sorry if these questions are answer somewhere else. I have read in the frequently Asked Question – Information, but I wanted it concise to my potential downloading of image.

Is there anywhere at the site, where you can print out an entire catalogue of films or title list?


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Poster: Visual16 Date: Aug 29, 2004 6:31pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: Movie

Just to share what I know, the MPEG formats are an evolution over the past few years. The standards are easy to find from a search. I like the MP1s best of all because if the picture is 352 x 240 (or sometimes has to be changed to that aspect ratio), I can drag and drop about an hours worth of them onto a ten cent CD-R and watch them on my TV from my DVD player. MPEG 2 is the format for DVD and has much clearer quality but requires DVD burner and software which will match all of the specs of your home DVD player. I think that that is hard to edit because it is "interlaced' or the beam sweeps over twice to draw one frame on a television set (29.95 frames per second). It's lots easier to enjoy on a computer monitor which can usually show many refresh rates, file types and aspect ratios. I think MPEG 4 is an incredible new compression scheme but is in its infancy.. Many computers aren't set for this and I think the DIVX format is related to it. Huge books on this stuff. Of course, using a PC and the TMpeg encoder I can do the basics, turn the sound up or down, make the picture brighter or change the contrast, enrich the color saturation. For my own viewing, no problem there. The films have an enormous variation in quality and are mostly raw and unedited. I would say find a way to view them first on your computer to get an idea of which to work with. "Safe in Port" has nice color and a sharp focus, "Coney Island USA" is a worn out classic with fuzzy picture and very little color left. Hope some of this helps.

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Poster: Visual16 Date: Aug 29, 2004 7:08pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: Movie

If you click on the "view one page list" directly above this board, you can see all 1905 films, and you can resort them by ratings, downloads, etc by clicking on the right side of the bar once you have received it. The "browse Prelinger Archives" has them roughly sorted by subject matter.